How to Make a Change

Enjoy this Video by Bob Proctor on How to Change Your Life, and the Power of Your Mind.

and to be Honest, some of the most Valuable material in this Universe is that which we already know to be True, so in that sense, this is Like a Reminder, of what you already know. We all can use Reminders.

Reminders of What we already know deep down! Enjoy!

The WInter..

So the Time is set in stone when the Time is Come and Even when She comes she hears My Soul,

and When I try and Tell her that I care, it Seems Vain, WIth Only Hope and Aspirations Left to Fulfill

the Way I come and Dine her, with Sweet Everythings, Im asking, Where is Love?

Right here in my face, well this is not what I expected it to Look Like,

An unfocused nimble of Light from Within the Universe, and Trying to Let it Be by Being What it is,

and Allowing It.

So where is the Face of Light that I seen, That I Dream and That I Live,

It is Still Here, But it is hidden Behind the Darkness of the Shadows of Doubt and Misery,

Which could Only Be Freed By Acceptance and Judgement, If Only I could Think Out Loud,

But For You Sweetheart, You are My All,

Love, You…

“Wednesday in L.A.”


The Conscious Mind and all its faculties

and theatrics to behold the blossom of a

Beautiful Soul,..

One with the credence

Beauty and Drive to Capture the True Essence through Divine Realized


Dont Deny, the Channel,

For it is a Freeing of the mind; When inner flow becomes

poignantly transformed from surplus medicinally certified implementations, Or an immediate escape into More Paradise,

But When it is known and realized the treasures of Within, then therein, Identified is The Dramatic and fantastic Duality.

the native Mysterious while revealingly obvious,

Essence with.

The Essence Itself…

Compelling Dream 8-6-13

Received a Compelling message in a dream today that I wish to Share. so here we are in like a big city and I am with Kevin Hart, and about 3 other entertainers, However, the city and world was being under attack, or I should say the world is being “tested”. there were Like Big ass Transformer type robots seemingly wanting to tear new assholes and make tuna salad of us basically # FckSHITUP INEVERYDIRECTION…. Now under normal conditions one would feel intense terror and fear, However felt no fear whatsoever and Was actually laughing at what was going on while actively “maneuvering” through what firstly Seemed to Be a threat and getting away calmy, confidently, and Subtly Powerfully through the perceived “storm”. Message Ive got is – Ive realised that the outside conditions dont matter in Your Life as Much as How you ACTUALLY REACT to them. Choose to be a Warrior or Choose to Be a Pussy. ‪#‎NotestoSelfShared‬ lol.

the Central Purpose

At times we share and read lengthy posts and articles and words. However much could be said with Less, and also Vice versa. First off I thank the readers and Followers of this blog, as You help me to realise the importance and value of words,,, However off from the sentimental part,, My Being is being drawn to communicate the fact that, remember the Wright brothers, whose mental pictures gave birth to a new reality of travel and innovation? Remember the Dreams of Many whove inspired the world and Brought many new realities into the world today in which we enjoy such as increased sense of freedom, electricity, the beautiful tapestry and presence of the internet, cars that help us get from point A to point B, Smart ass cellphones which dramatically help us to stay connected with each other at the speed of light, and find the next route to the mcdonalds down the street?,

Why Am bringing this up? , Well because I wish to Say DREAM! Because the fascination of reality in which we are Already blessed to be in, is that We are Magicians and we dont even Know it!

Remember You, Me, Each of us has the Power to Conceive and Create and make true Whatever it is that we so desire! What more Thanks can we Give to our Creator and  Existence than that!

Of course this message may feel simplistic or even corny, And thats because all this is a Reminder of What is Already True. Duh! ( no serious pun intended )

and I just felt the need to Express it! So I guess whenever You feel deviated from Your natural sense of Happiness, Creativity, and Wonder, Remember, that You are the Master. You Always Hold the Power. In fact you ARE THE POWER!

Nothing Else Matters…

Nothing else matters to me more than Her,

She is my Everything, 

She is my Everything,

She is My Everything,

Though experiences of Pain and Joy,

Her Strength, Her Valor, Her Committment to Love,

Always Remains Strong,

Though here Universal Pride, You can see She clothes Us,

to make sure We are protected, we are fed, we are, Loved,

and It is My commitment to Help Myself and Her, 

Because she is What Matters to me, 

She helped me ‘matter’ into this world,

Why is God so Good, When I look at her,

I see God, I see Wisdom, I see Perfect Imperfection of Perfection,

her reflection is True, He Spirit is Real, There is no other, Like a Mother!



Why am I holding it back,

Why am I allowing it to course through my Spears

When I am feeling intimately close to it, 

and Still I am it, Even though It also is Me, 

But Your body feels like It too,

Which is why I am attracted like a Bee and 

Nectar, or matter of fact, a Bee and a Sunflower,

Girl you inspire Me to shower over your Chocolate,

with Lips of Love and with Talks of Sweetness,

How Your bosom is so Tasteful, and I havent even

Gotten to the Pearl yet, MMMMMMMMMM

Your Chocolate Lullaby..

A Blog Posting

a blog is not a blog posting wihtout constant updates reflecting the multidimensionality of Your being,

A blog is not a blog posting without the constant pouring out of your emotion, value, and thoughts.

a Blog is really a blog when it is reflecting high vibrance of Your character, not that you are perfect by any Universal or rather worldy measures,

But by the unflattering tapestry of Your worth. Flattering To You Your Self first,

a Blog is not a blog without reflecting How you see the world and See it Fit,

and A blog is not a Blog without random, sucky but still valuable posts like this. 😉

Enjoy Your Day.

Feeling Victorious within a storm of Emotions..

For some reason, i am having the thought of dying, of going back into the abyss from Where I came from. Why am i having this thought, Well I am sure it is because of my accumulated distressed signals of my soul thus far. i mean and you would think that in the midst of me performing a goal setting exercise I would be enthused and would be far from this thought, but is this the very existence, or the very next reality in which I desire for myself.. which is what I am pondering, and it seems like it is. Wow. Like I am surprised at this thought however…Like if I feel like that then I should perform the necessary steps now. Well no thank God it is far from what I am feeling. it is not what I am feeling actually. Of course It is a viable option, its not that bad, however, at least before I go < would like to have some more fun and accomplish things. Things such as Live Life here! and I must take this thought with Love, because this is Real. What do I wish to accomplish within the next few years with Love. and Acting, dance, theater, Loving work comes into Play. Investing, entrepreneurship, a New life comes into Play. I dont have to die now. I could have more fun, accomplishing new things, because thats really how I feel, that I must or desire to accomplish new things. and I must do this with courage because I forecast that it is going to take some courage, love, and confidence man! like cutting my old habits and behaviors and incorporating new ones. New ones like Clear goal setting, entrepreneur goal setting and planning, and focusing on my health. I have chosed to deter my natural health so opposing that I now fear for my own existence, or rather I have feared. now its time to Just fucking Love, Like Love is calling and I am doing my best to answer. it seems like the reality around me has been crumbling or rather sending me feedback as to , do I wish this to be the same or create another..

While at the same time physical reality now seems corny to me, or am I corny to it. Like life hasnt been feeling Great or Amasing for me, I wish for Life to Be GREAT AND AMASING! that is What I desire now and within the next few years. I want alien contact, I want lots or money to enjoy, I just want a new persona. So I AM THAT NEW PERSONA.


I am tired of being broke, I am tired of being sick and tired actualy.

and with the msic ive been creating, it is now the time to create a new TUNE.

Setting the TUne for High Love, High Vibration, High Love, High Financed, High Spirits,

How am I going to accomplish this, well that is a great question that I dont think I am designed to answer at this moment, but I will and I wish to start achieving it.

yes I am willing to change for the better, I am willing to help myself out more, I am willing to Love myself more and in turn being a Greater person, being the person that I am meant to Be, Being the High Effective person I am here to be!

I want to hold onto this and be thankful for this experience and favor.!

And if youve just taken this time to read my emotionally public rant, or vent, then I wish to express my Appreciation for your time and Feel Free please to provide and type of comment or feedback!